LLC “Bioefekts” has been developing and producing biological plant protection products and other microbiological preparations for horticulture and agriculture since 1993. We offer two main product groups.

In 2012, we registered our biological preparations in the register of fertilizers in the category Microbiological preparations. This had to be done in line with changes in legislation.

The current Law on the Circulation of Fertilizers defines what a fertilizer is. It is “any substance containing one or more chemical elements that are considered essential for plants, when used because of its elemental content and intended or intended to promote plant growth, or a microbiological preparation containing living micro-organisms that promotes plant growth and development or used to regenerate, activate and regulate microbiological processes in soil or other substrate to improve its biological, physical or chemical properties ” (emphasis added form us). We have no doubt that the preparations we manufacture, both previous fertilizers and previous plant protection products, have always met, meet and will continue to meet this definition. The fact that the ‘box’ of the official register has changed cannot in any way affect the nature of the micro-organism. They, the little working gnomes, do not know it at all, they are not affected, because they stand above all human activities. If plant protection products had to prove their antagonistic action, their non-toxicity to humans and the environment and their effectiveness, now only their effectiveness will have to be demonstrated. Of course, reorganizing the documents took us a lot of time, durability and unforeseen expenses, but we have successfully completed this stage.

This means that trade rules for these products are now easier. Trichodermin and Biomix are now available even in stores that do not have a marketing authorization for plant protection products. They are no longer to be found in glass cabinets, but are on store shelves next to the rest of our products.

Advantages of microbiological preparations

One of the main methods of plant strengthening is the use of microbiological preparations.
Our microbiological fertilizers contain microorganisms:

  • they stimulate plant growth and development by strengthening resistance and ability to withstand disease-causing pathogens;
  • they compete with pathogenic micro-organisms, so that, without being harmful to plants, they develop, multiply faster and occupy ecological niches, thus preventing the multiplication of unfavorable micro-organisms. By ensuring the presence or even the superiority of plant-friendly microorganisms in the soil, the multiplication of plant pathogens is purposefully controlled and inhibited.

The preparations contain both microscopic fungi ( genusTrichoderma ģints), and bacteria ( Pseudomonas , Streptomyces, Bacillus, Polyangium, Azotobacter, Rhizobium genera).

Products containing microorganisms have a number of good properties:

  • a specific place of operation in the environment;
  • they do not damage beneficial organisms;
  • they are not harmful to humans, animals, plants;
  • they do not cause negative side effects;
  • resistance (persistence) of pathogenic (harmful) organisms to microorganisms does not develop;
  • they also help plants in cases where plant pathogens have become resistant to chemicals;
  • they stay in the soil, improving next year’s harvest.

Plant-friendly soil microorganisms live and multiply intensively near plant roots – in the rhizosphere. They work with the plant to supply nutrients, transforming insoluble compounds into plants. In turn, the roots of plants release mucus, thus attracting microorganisms and retaining the colonies formed by them.