One of the many success stories of Latvia is the creation of the Latvian Microorganism Culture Collection at the University of Latvia. In 1997, this collection acquired the status of an international depository institution. This made it possible to take advantage of the patenting opportunities in our own country. Of course, Bioefekts was waiting for this moment. We have patented many cultures of microorganisms and ways of obtaining preparations.

The main importance of these patents is to protect them from foreign preparations and to polish the image of Latvia. Most of the microorganism cultures used for “Bioefekts” are stored in this collection.

Cultures are preserved according to the best methods recognized in the world. Such internationally recognized and valued collection is not even in more known Baltic contires as Estonia or Lithuania. It is the only international depository institution in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. There are 26 of them in Europe. In 2005, the employees of the Latvian Collection of Microorganisms organized a European-level meeting for these internationally recognized 26 European collections. So microbiology in our country is still in tandem with European specialists.

An important preparation we have created is a BIOCOMBOST. It reduces the spread of disease in gardens. Microorganisms of plants, kitchen residues, weeds, their seeds are distributed in the form usable by plants. Every owner of a small garden can be sure of its effect. And again a success story with Jānis Bierandas, a farmer of farm “Strēlnieki”, who was covered with sawdust on an area of 5 ha and treated twice before and after Midsummer with the liquid form of a biocomposter and in autumn the sawdust had already decomposed and this field could be to Use for Cranberry Planting. Of course, this is the success of engineers – a good watering system and an even layer thickness of 15 cm. So air access is also provided. It is a success of cooperation.

There has been good cooperation with corporation “Silava” employee Mārtiņš Bičevskis on prevention of coniferous tree infections. This is a pathogenic fungus – Heterobasidion annosum. This fungus, when present in the soil, damages the root system of conifers, penetrates the tissues and after 10 years of growth the tree withers. We isolated interesting trichoderma cultures, which do not lose their activity even at low 4-5 0 degrees celsius and help to solve the problem.

The success story is also about preserving the cultivated crop – the yield of carrots, potatoes and dahlia tubers is preserved if it is sprinkled in the autumn with a small dose of dry preparation of trichodermin. The decay process is localized..