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  • Special antagonist of pathogenic fungi
  • Parasites pathogens in hyphae by disrupting their cell wall,
  • It releases antibiotics (glyoxin, viridine, trichodermin) that kill pathogens
  • Improves yields
  • Helps plants overwinter

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    About the product

    Mushrooms remain in the soil in the form of conidia or hyphae. Fungi inhibit phytopathogens by directly parasitizing them, competing for the substrate, and releasing antibiotics such as clytoxin, virgin trihoviridine, cyclosporine.

    Crops - valid for all crops

    Fights against - mold, rot, sparrow fusariosis, scabies, mildew, wilt, monilosis, etc.

    Effects - Fungicide, a powerful antagonist of pathogenic fungi - successfully competes for nutrients, parasites the pathogen in hyphae, by degrading their cell wall, releases antibiotics (glyoxin, viridine, trichodermin), which kill pathogens.

    Contribution - increases seed germination, plant growth, improves overwintering, reduces disease. Provides excellent preventive effect and heals the soil. Decomposes cellulose and other organic substances. Actively enriches the soil with moving nutrients. Synthesizes biologically active substances and B vitamins (thiamine, pyridoxine, inositol, nicotinic acid and biotin). Stimulates the development of some bacteria that dissolve actinomycetes (including streptomycetes) and phosphorus compounds. Releases antibiotics into the soil, inhibiting the development of many pathogenic fungi. Widely used in plant protection and strengthening in many countries around the world.


    Plant-friendly soil microorganisms live and multiply intensively near plant roots - in the rhizosphere. They work with the plant to supply nutrients, transforming insoluble compounds into plants.

    Soil bacteria

    Mushrooms of the genus Trichoderma improve plant growth, the plant develops stronger roots. Stimulates plant resistance to infections and other adverse environmental factors.

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    Proper use

    At the time of planting

    the preparation is incorporated into the soil to a depth of 5-10 cm before sowing or planting crops.

    During the growing season

    incorporated into the soil to a depth of 5-10 cm near the roots 2-3 times a season.

    - or

    the product is mixed in water and sprinkled over the soil around the plant 2-3 times a season.

    In result

    the establishment of the root system, the development of the stem and the strengthening of the immune system are promoted.

    Doses of the preparation

    Dry Form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    20g 20 4 0,6
    100g 100 20 3
    2kg 2000 400 60
    Wet form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    200g 20 4 0,6
    1kg 100 20 3
    5kg 500 100 15
    Liquid form Seed treatment For an open field ha For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    0,5l 100kg 0,05 20 1
    1l 200kg 0,1 40 2
    5l 1t 0,5 200 10
    20l 4t 2 800 40


    • There is no waiting period between using the treatment and harvesting.
    • The preparation must not be mixed with concentrated fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Efficiency is increased by sufficient soil moisture and heat (+15 – +25 C).
    • Biomix should be protected from direct sunlight.
    • The product should be stored in a dark and cool place (+1 – +10 C) in the original package


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