Provides nitrogen of legume crops as well as soil improvement

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Symbiosis with legume plants

It binds atmospheric nitrogen by converting it into compounds used by plants

Helps supply plants with nitrogen

The yield increases


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    About the product

    The preparation contains rhizobium preparations which, in symbiosis with leguminous plants, bind atmospheric nitrogen, convert it into compounds used for plants and supply them to the plants. Nitragīns preparations are made from active and aggressive cultures of rhizobium that are able to compete with rhizobium found in the soil and bind to the roots of the plant. Nitragīns and nitraginisation are the best way to get good yields of the genus of leguminous plants.

    The culture of nitragin active microorganisms forms tubers located on the main root and in the upper part of the lateral roots. In tubers, rhizobium converts air nitrogen into ammonium, which is needed for bacteria and plants to grow. In Latvian conditions, 4 species of rhizobium bacteria are of the greatest importance  - eastern galega, lupine, bean and R. leguminosarum (pea, vetch, bean and clover). Rhizobium have a positive effect on the germination and further development pof perennial grass seeds and retain nitrogen in the soil after harvest.

    The preparation allows to obtain a good yield without the use of nitrogen fertilizers, environmental and crop contamination with mineral nitrogen forms. Nitragine is used for for clover, gallegas, alfalfa and white sweetclover, pea, vetch and beans. Using Nitragine can increase yields up to 160kg/ha.




    Proper use

    Doses of the preparation

    Dry Form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    20g 20 4 0,6
    100g 100 20 3
    2kg 2000 400 60
    Wet form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    200g 20 4 0,6
    1kg 100 20 3
    5kg 500 100 15
    Liquid form Seed treatment For an open field ha For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    0,5l 100kg 0,05 20 1
    1l 200kg 0,1 40 2
    5l 1t 0,5 200 10
    20l 4t 2 800 40


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