For perennials

For soil enrichment, plant strengthening and immunity

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  • Promotes the growth and flowering of perennials
  • Strengthens the root system
  • Provides plants with the necessary nutrients
  • Protects and fights pathogenic diseases

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    About the product

    Microbiological fertilizer for perennials contains a wide range of soil microorganisms that promote the development of the root system, increase their ability to withstand the stresses caused by adverse conditions and increase immunity. Fertilizer promotes flowering, strengthens plants and increases their winter hardiness.


    Plant-friendly soil microorganisms live and multiply intensively near plant roots - in the rhizosphere. They work with the plant to supply nutrients, transforming insoluble compounds into plants.

    Soil bacteria

    Substances produced by S. cellulosae and S. griseoviridis inhibit the growth and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. The synthesized substances they release stimulate plant growth.

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    Soil bacteria

    Pseudomonas putida are bacteria that live freely in the soil and form a reciprocal relationship with plant roots. The released substances stimulate plant growth and improve resistance to pathogens.

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    Soil bacteria

    Bacillus subtilis has the ability to form a biofilm around the roots of the plant, which prevents the entry of pathogens. Converts phosphorus compounds to the form available to the plant, improves nitrogen fixation, synthesizes substances that stimulate plant growth and increases resistance.

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    Soil bacteria

    Mushrooms of the genus Trichoderma improve plant growth, the plant develops stronger roots. Stimulates plant resistance to infections and other adverse environmental factors.

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    Proper use

    Doses of the preparation

    Dry Form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    20g 20 4 0,6
    100g 100 20 3
    2kg 2000 400 60
    Wet form Seed treatment For an open field m2 For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    200g 20 4 0,6
    1kg 100 20 3
    5kg 500 100 15
    Liquid form Seed treatment For an open field ha For closed areas m2 For the amount of land m3
    0,5l 100kg 0,05 20 1
    1l 200kg 0,1 40 2
    5l 1t 0,5 200 10
    20l 4t 2 800 40


    • There is no waiting period between treatment and harvesting.
    • The preparation must not be mixed with concentrated fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Efficiency is increased by sufficient soil moisture and heat (+15 – +25 C).
    • Biomix should be protected from direct sunlight.
    • The product should be stored in a dark and cool place (+1 – +10 C) in the original package.

    SPPS reg. no.
    I0.03 - 0869 - 12


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